Networking Five-Fold Ministries – Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network

We’re a Apostolic Prophetic global community network centered on sharing and equipping with 5-fold Ministry perception for believers around the world, and to expand new networking relationships with Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and instructors, both regionally and overseas.

It changed into He who gave a few to be Apostles, a few to be Prophets, some to be Evangelists, and some to be Pastors and instructors, 12, to put together God’s human beings for works of service, in order that the body of Christ can be built up, thirteen, till all of us reach solidarity inside the religion and inside the information of the Son of God and end up mature, reaching to the entire degree of the fullness of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-13 – NIV

As we’ve got observed with numerous ministries and those, there are not so many that are in reality inclined to invest their time in my view, to take what the Lord has given to them and to impart it into the lives of others who’re hungry for more of God. Request prophetic word However there are a few who’ve a proper name and desire to end up spiritual fathers and mothers, as that is the greatest and simplest manner to carry increase and maturity into the existence of any Christian believer.

A few ministries of today are so caught up into “enterprise as traditional”, spending extra time promoting and competing than sincerely pleasant the divine commission for which the Church changed into called to do. Our worldwide network network wishes the ones who have a coronary heart and passion for the Lord Jesus, who’re inclined to come to be lively members for the benefit of others with out other egocentric agendas.

As you be part of with us on our various web sites and forums as a networking participant, my prayer and desire is that you’ll obtain all the love, encouragement, nurturing, preparation, and every now and then correction, that the Lord Jesus could desire to impart thru this ministry. I additionally pray that you will cost and respect the vision and challenge that the Lord has given for the ministry, by becoming an interactive and supportive player so that others can be blessed as a end result.

As you include the desire and contact of God that is upon your lives, i pray God’s safety, guidance and success will be yours in all that you do for Him. Whilst you be part of together with us as networking member, we regard you as a special and necessary part of the ministry network family. To keep with the networking method, please make sure to study the diverse info pages on our internet site, so that you’ll be absolutely knowledgeable on what to do and a way to do it.

You can additionally join our E-list to receive effective Apostolic and Prophetic phrases from round the sector into your in-field frequently. You may locate a place to subscribe at the the front web page of our website. The Joshua A/P network E-listing reaches lots via the ministries that we community with. Join us on the Joshua Apostolic Prophetic network Roundtable discussion board by way of clicking at the forum link determined on our the front page.

You are also welcome to sign up for us on the 5-fold training & Networking website of the Joshua Apostolic Prophetic community at msn. This web site is for individuals who are wanting to community with us and to get geared up for the quit-time harvest. Simply click at the msn forum hyperlink found at the front web page of our website and register these days!

Do you want unique prayer and encouragement for your life ? Put up your prayer requests through clicking on our left menu found on our fundamental page . All requests might be prayed over in my opinion and also will be delivered to the eye of the Joshua A/P community global Warrior’s Intercessors.

We firmly trust in the strength of prayer, undertaking religious battle, prophetic intercession and will stand within the hole on your recovery, healing and miracles that you need. Please make certain to enter a legitimate e-mail deal with and fill out the information fields when posting your requests. Then we are able to be capable of make touch with you after we’ve prayed over your requests.

In case you are a devoted and godly person who’s devoted to the motive of intercession and experience that the Lord could have you to join together with us as an interactive global Warrior Intercessor, then begin through following via with the networking manner on our site. We would really like to have you join the group.