Discerning Between Biblical Truths and Falsehoods About Prophecy and “Doomsday” or the Day of Yahweh

To respond to these inquiries, we have to comprehend and remember of three things with respect to prophecy when all is said in done:

1) Only Yahweh God Almighty can anticipate what’s to come

As the all powerful Creator of the universe, just Yahweh can see into the future and precisely anticipate it. He can even know every one of the conceivable outcomes that can happen Request personal Prophecy (1 Samuel 23:11-12). By His beauty, He empowers His profound couriers (whom we call “blessed messengers”) to practice this capacity to a constrained degree.

2) A genuine prophet must be approved by Yahweh

At the point when Yahweh needs to convey messages to individuals, He can do as such through human delivery people. We call these errand people “prophets.” As God’s representative, a prophet initially gets a message from Yahweh, and afterward passes on the message word-for-word to other people. This is forecasting. Thus, a genuine message from God is the very words of God, not the words of the errand person. Therefore, all predictions that originated from Yahweh through His picked prophets are 100% precise. Ninety-nine percent precision isn’t adequate.

3) Unauthorized delegates will be seriously rebuffed by Yahweh

We should not profess to have an awesome message from Yahweh God Almighty when we don’t. Under the Mosaic agreement with Israel, false prophets were executed (Deuteronomy 18:20). To convey a message that didn’t originate from Yahweh is to submit profanation, which is among the most exceedingly terrible sins anybody can submit against God.While we are not to kill false prophets under the Christian contract, false prophets will be personally made a decision by Yahweh through Jesus Christ. Similarly as with false instructors, false prophets will be rebuffed with everlasting passing after the future restoration except if they truly atone preceding their demise in their lifetime on Earth or before Jesus returns, whichever comes sooner (2 Peter 2).

False prophets lead individuals off track from Yahweh and from Jesus, making them lurch. Therefore alone, “it would be better for him that a gigantic grinder ought to be stuck around his neck, and that he ought to be soaked in the profundities of the ocean.” (Matthew 18:6) As Jesus stated, “Hardship to the world in light of events of faltering! For it must be that the events come, however burden to that individual through whom the event comes!” (Matthew 18:7) Simply put, the destiny that anticipates false prophets isn’t beautiful.Considering this, we ought to be upset when unapproved “prophets” “forecast” the date of the purported doomsday. Since every single such prophecy have not worked out as expected, the individuals who make such forecasts have self-censured themselves as false prophets. (Be that as it may, the date of 12-21-2012 didn’t start as a prophecy however had been misinterpreted all things considered.)

In case we be tricked by another “prophet” later on in regards to doomsday, we have to know and recall three things about “the Day of Yahweh” or “the Day of the Lord,” when our present world framework will end:

Only Yahweh knows when the Day of Yahweh will come

Talking about the day he will come back to Earth to rebuff the evil as God’s justice fighter, to put a conclusion to our present world framework, and to build up God’s Kingdom over Earth, Jesus stated, “Nobody is aware of that day and hour, not by any means the blessed messengers of paradise, yet my Father as it were. Watch along these lines, for you don’t know in what hour your Lord comes. Yet, know this, that if the ace of the house had known in what watch of the night the cheat was coming, he would have watched, and would not have enabled his home to be broken into. Hence likewise be prepared, for in an hour that you don’t expect, the Son of Man [Jesus Christ] will come.” (Matthew 24:36, 42-44)